Best YouTube Channels for Early Learners!

We do lots of singing and dancing in my classroom.
It makes learning so much more fun!
These are some of my favorite YouTube channels to help keep my kiddos engaged and learning.

Jack Hartmann is my favorite YouTube channels of all time.  
There are all kinds of counting and rhyming songs, brain breaks, and holiday songs.   
You name it, there's a song for it!  
Our favorite is Let's Get Fit (Count to 100).
I think we did it just about every day last year!

Harry Kindergarten Music has so many fun math, character education, and science songs.  
We love the Doubles Rap and sight word songs best.

Have Fun Teaching is a great channel for alphabet practice, counting, and science.  
The Verb Rap is super fun!  We also love the Counting Down from 20 song. 

The Learning Station has lots of catchy brain breaks.  
We all know that sometimes the kids just need a break!  We love Shake Your Sillies Out!

Alphablocks is great for introducing or reviewing phonics skills.
My kids always love them!  
There are tons of letter sound videos, but I use it most when I teach vowel teams.

Pancake Manor is perfect for nursery rhymes, math songs, and brain breaks.  
We really like Shake Break!

Scratch Garden has great reading and math songs.  
Our favorite is The Long & Short Vowels Song.

Heidi Songs has so many fun and engaging songs!  
There are songs for colors, letters, math, and sight words.   

These YouTube channels are fun AND educational!  
The songs are so catchy.  The kids quickly remember them and sing along.
They're always begging for more!  

What are your favorite channels?
I'd love to add them to my list!

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