Spring Math Crafts

Math crafts make reviewing skills so much more fun!
They're perfect for a fun Friday or even to leave in your sub plans.

1. 3D Shapes

This craft is perfect for reviewing 3D shapes - and for a rainy day!
Your kids will sort the raindrops by each umbrella. 
Shapes included are cubes, cylinders, spheres, and cones.
Take a look at it HERE.

 2. Telling Time 

Telling time is pretty fun all on its own, but this craft makes it even more fun.
Your kids will choose a time to show on their clock and then write the digital time.
Check it out HERE.

3. Addition or Subtraction

This little birdy craft has an addition or subtraction option.
For addition, your kids will make a number story about two different colored eggs.
For subtraction, they will write a number story about eggs hatching.
Take a closer look HERE.

4. Place Value

Kids will practice their ones, tens, and hundreds with this cute rainy day craft.
You could also just use ones and tens if that's where your kids are!
Check it out HERE.

5. Counting, Addition, Making Ten

This craft has a counting, addition, and making ten option.
The kids will count or add recycled bottles depending on which you choose.
It's a perfect one for Earth Day!
Take a look HERE.

 6. Fact Families...FREEBIE!

The last one is a freebie!
Your kids will practice their fact families with this fun recycling bin craft.
Grab it HERE!!

Happy crafting! :)

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