Write Like a Superhero!!!

Hi friends!

I'm super excited to share my latest project with you!!!!!
It's a new handwriting journal!
Teach your kids to Write Like a Superhero!!

This pack contains everything you'll need to teach your kiddos to write like a pro! :)

Here is the completed journal!
I cut out the cover and mounted it on colored card stock to make it sturdier (and much more pretty!)

Inside you will find four posters to teach your kids how to write like a superhero.
(Three are shown below!)
These pages can also be included in the journals.

Then come the practice pages!
The pack contains directions for how to doubleside the letter formation and practice pages (if you wish to!)
{You could also use the letter formation pages as classroom posters OR make a mini book out of those to save on color :) }

With these pages, the kids can trace over the large letters to see how to properly form the letters.
Then they can practice on the next page.

After every six letters, there is a review page.

This pack also contains an award to give your students when they have completed the book and can write like a superhero!

I have already started using this in my class and my kiddos LOVE it!!

You can check out more here: Write Like a Superhero!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. This is awesome! My kids continuously need practice with their handwriting!

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