Grinch Day!

Today was Grinch Day!
It was a BLAST!  

I spent last night packing bags of goodies.
Re-labeling some tasty little Grinch Pills.
And making green cookies!

It was a lot of work, but SO worth it!

We started the day by reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."
Then we talked about how we could make his heart grow bigger!
I gave the kids hearts to add to our Grinch every time I saw them doing something nice. 

Look how many we got by lunch time!
They were full of nice things! :)

We also made Grinch masks.
I had planned on doing this craft and a mask, but we ran out of time.
Soooo our craft became our mask! :)

 "I would make the Grinch grin by giving him a gift."

 "I would make the Grinch grin by kissing him and I will hug him."

"I will make the Grinch grin by giving him a big gift."

A few others said they'd take him to the movies, make him cookies, and make him dinner.  
I loved all their ideas!!

After lunch, we put on our Grinch masks......

And delivered some holiday cheer!!

We crept through the halls handing out bags of candy to the other teachers!
Sneaky little Grinches! :)

Tomorrow we're making gingerbread houses!
Friday is Pajama Day.
What was I thinking?!?! ;)
I hope your week is a fun one too! :)
{Two more days!!!!}

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  1. You are such an AWESOME teacher! The kids will remember that FOREVER! That's what you were thinking!! (Maybe that and, "I can't wait for naps over break!" :) I love this idea!

    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together


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