Thor the Snoring Horse {a little or, ore fun!}

Meet ThOR.
He likes to snORE.  
And pick cORn.
He likes all sORts of things! :)

My kids have been having a BLAST with this pack!

First, they met Thor the Snoring Horse.

They read about him and highlighted all the words with or and ore.

We worked on this matching game as a class.

Then we created our own Thor's.  
It was super exciting! :)

The Thor craft is super easy to make.  

The craft was a pin-spired idea.  
All the kids do is trace a foot (with a partners help) and trace their arm.
I showed them how and they created them during reading group time.

On the horses neck, we wrote words with or and ore.  
I had them write their words on a sticky note and then we went over them as a class after. 

Once we checked our spelling, we added them to our horses! :)

They came out so cute!!!

Here's the full Thor the Snoring Horse pack. :)
(the craft isn't included, but all you need is a foot, an arm, and some yarn!)

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