100th Day!

We made it to 100 days!
Monday was our celebration.
It was so much fun!!

You may remember that our new school is a team of first grade teachers from three different schools.
I love all the ideas and sharing that happens between our new team!
A few of my fabulous teammates suggested dressing up for 100th Day.
It was a blast!!  

Don't we all look amazing as 100 year olds? ;)

I forgot my cane when I picked the kids up at specialist. 
They were so concerned!
How did you get up here without it?!?
The kids dressed up too. 
They were so funny pretending to be 100!
One kept pretending his knees were giving out.
Another had foam in her ear.  
She kept pretending she couldn't hear me. 
And making her "hearing aid" beep.
It was quite funny!

We made fruit loop necklaces.

We worked on this little book of 100 words from Deirdre's Happy 100th Day Goodies Galore pack.

We took our pictures with the Aging Booth app.
SO funny.
Then we wrote about what we would do when we were 100.
(Thanks to Molly for the cute paper!)

It was funny hearing all the things they would do.
One said he would make grilled cheese.
Another said take naps all day.
We had a bake lots of cookies.
And buy toys for kids. 
They had so many cute ideas!

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Have a Happy Friday!



  1. I love your blog! it's just amazing :).
    Plus: we should start celebrating 100 days of school in Switzerland. There are so many cool things to do.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!
    Greetings from Switzerland

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Alessandra!! :) You totally should celebrate 100th Day....it's a blast!!! :)


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