Read Across America (Favorite Authors & Books!)

I love Read Across America Week!
It makes me so happy to see the kids SO excited about reading!
I'm linking up with Primary Chalkboard.
These are my favorite authors and books!


Dr. Seuss goes without saying!
I love his silly rhymes and life lessons!

Another of my favorites is Mo Williams.
My favorites are Elephant and Piggie.

I love how simple they are.
And the kids think they are HILARIOUS!
They get so excited about reading them and want to read them again and again and again.
I had to make a rule that our Elephant and Piggie books go back on top of the book shelf when things get cleaned up because I had a few Elephant and Piggie hoarders. ;)

I also love Jan Thomas.
Rhyming Dust Bunnies....LOVE.


Teaching life cycles is MY FAVORITE thing of all time.
For real.
If you followed me last spring,  you may remember the chicks.
I know, I go a little crazy! 
These are some of my favorite life cycle books.

Here's a favorite book.
It has such a great message! :)

I could go on forever!

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  1. I love the farm animal books!!! I need to get those!!!
    Latoya Reed
    Flying into First


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