End of Year Parent Gift!

The end of the year is a crazy time!
We've been working on our super fun end of year testing and doing an ABC countdown.
We hatched another batch of chicks.
This week we visited our new schools for 2nd grade.
Today we had our field trip.
{which was TOTALLY awesome!}
But this is one TIRED teacher!

I haven't been very good about making time to blog.
Mostly because I fall asleep way before by 8:00. 

So I'm staying up past my bedtime to share my parent volunteer gift with you!!!!

I have a super awesome mom who helps me with copying and takes a reading group one day a week.
She's the best and I hope she knows it! :)
Here's what I got to thank her.
I was inspired by a few Pinterest ideas. :)

It was super easy and it came out super cute!

You can grab the tags in my TpT Store!

I included 6 different colors so you can use what works for you!

Have a happy Friday!!

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  1. Sarah, that is PRECIOUS!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Now- get to bed!!! :)


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