Maggie McNair

Have you heard of Maggie McNair?
The girl with spiders in her hair?
The one with sugar bugs over there?

Sheila Booth-Alberstadt wrote these super cute, super silly books to teach kids about hygiene.  
My class loved them!!!!
We loved the silly little rhymes. 
We loved the bright, colorful illustrations.  
We loved Maggie!

In Maggie McNair Has Spiders in Her Hair, poor Maggie doesn't like having her hair brushed.
Her mom stops fighting her and then Maggie finds a spider in her hair!
After that, she always brushes her hair.

In Maggie McNair Has Sugar Bugs in There, Maggie doesn't tell the truth about brushing her teeth.
Little sugar bugs begin making homes in her mouth.
Maggie learns the hard way about the importance of brushing your teeth.  

We read Sheila's books as a class. 
Then we wrote about what Maggie taught us.

Yesterday at snack I heard one group talking about sugar bugs in their mouths.
One thought that's why we can't have candy at snack time!

My kids keep going back to reread the stories.
They love Maggie and her silly rhymes! :)
I know your kids will love Maggie too!!

You can check out Sheila's books here!

You can also check out Maggie's Facebook page.
The Maggie McNair site also has lots of activities for kids!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. SARAH! How have I NOT hear of Maggie McNair?!?!? Hello, Amazon... :)
    Thanks so much for sharing! Have a GREAT weekend!
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