Back to School Activities

At the beginning of the year, we spend a lot of time with name games and community building activities.

This is one of my favorite pinspired activities.
We read Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.  
I have this big beautiful pink heart.
We talk about how words can hurt us.
The kids each give an example of something not nice that a friend said to them.
Each time, I crumple the heart, until it isn't so pretty anymore.
Then we try to make it pretty again.
It doesn't work! *sad face*
So we talk about how mean words can hurt us and even if the person who said it apologizes, 
that it still leaves a wrinkle in our heart.
The kids each write their names on a bandaid and we keep it up all year!

Another fun project is our little people!
The kids each make a little paper version of themselves.  
I put it on a bulletin board and it's up all year.  

In the past, I have done it like this:

Last year, I changed it up a little! :)

We also read Elmer.
Who is my absolute FAVORITE!!!!!
You can check out my Elmer pack!

We talk about our differences and why it's okay to be different.
Then we make paper Elmers...

AND milk carton Elmers!
You can find out how to make these {HERE!}

What are some of your favorite back to school activities?!

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