Back to School Gifts!

Every year I try to think of something to give my kids at Meet & Greet to get them excited about first grade!
They're always so shy and nervous when they first come in.
(I know how they feel!!!)
I want them to know they have lots of fun to look forward to!

These are just a few of the gifts I've given over the last few years. :)

First up are these cute little bookmarks!
They're super easy to make.
Plus they're free!
I just printed, laminated, and added some ribbon.
You can see how to make the melted crayons {HERE!}

These ones I added glow bracelets to.
Who doesn't love glow bracelets?!
They were only 5 for $1 at Walmart!

Another one with a melted crayon. :) 
Or you could do glow sticks.
Or pencils.
Or anything you can think of!

These sunglasses were a big hit!
I gave them out as end of the year gifts this year.
But they work for back to school too!

Here's what I'm giving out this year!
They're my favorite so far.
I hope new kiddos like them. :)
(The tags are a freebie!)

Do you give out back to school goodies?
Tell me about them in the comments!

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