Reuse Old Crayons!

I've had a bag of old crayons hiding in my closet forever.
I finally decided to do something with them! :)
Ok, I planned to do this all along. 
But the last time I made these melted crayons it was NOT a fun time.
I couldn't get the labels off.
It ruined my nails. 
I got crabby.
It wasn't good!!!

My sister even found me the star and heart molds....two years ago!
I hadn't even tried them yet!

I'm not quite sure what I did different.
But this time was SO EASY!

First I let the water run until it was super hot.
I filled a bowl with old crayons and HOT water.
Not boiling, but as hot as it would come from the faucet!

The wrappers just came right off!
Most without me even touching them!
Can you see them floating up there???

I waited about 5-10 minutes and picked out all the wrappers and crayons.
Some were still wrapped, so I dumped the old water and refilled it with more hot water.
Any crayons that didn't come unwrapped after the second time did not graduate to become a melted crayon. ;)
I let the crayons dry for a few minutes on a paper towel.

Aren't they pretty?!
After they dried, I broke them up into smaller pieces.
I filled the trays with them! 

The trays are silicone trays. 
Put them on a baking sheet ~ preferably one you don't care about
 ~ so you can get them safely out of the oven!!!

The person one is a baking mold I got at Hobby Lobby.  
My sister got the hearts and stars for me at Forever 21 or somewhere you wouldn't think you'd find them, haha.  
They're actually ice cube trays, but they work great!

I filled the molds pretty high so that when they melted down they'd still be thick crayons.
Then I baked them in the oven at 250 degrees.
(on a baking sheet!)
I'd check them at about 15 minutes. 
When they're all melted, they're done!

Take them out really carefully because they're super liquidy!

Let them cool and they'll harden up.
Then pop them out of the trays!

You could use these as back to school gifts, a holiday gift, or just for fun!
Happy crayon melting!

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