Ways to Make 8 Spider Activity (freebie)

Halloween is right around the corner!  Have you been filling your days with bats, spiders, and all things spooky?  This fun addition activity may be something you can add to the fun! 

We all know spiders have 8 legs, so what better way to practice making 8?!

All you need for this activity is:
  • a small ball of play dough - buy or make your own! It doesn't have to be black. :)
  • pipe cleaners (2 colors)
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • this Making 8 freebie
Cut your pipe cleaners into smaller pieces for the legs. You'll need eight of each color.  I used four pipe cleaners and cut each into four pieces, but you could always make them bigger or smaller depending on what you think your kids will need!

Your kids will make a ball with the play dough.  Add googly eyes if you wish.  Your kids will switch out the spider's colored legs to find all the ways they can make 8.

This is a great way to help the SEE all the different ways!

I bet when the get a fact of 8 after this, they'll think back to this spider!

You can grab this freebie HERE.

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