Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thor the Snoring Horse {a little or, ore fun!}

Meet ThOR.
He likes to snORE.  
And pick cORn.
He likes all sORts of things! :)

My kids have been having a BLAST with this pack!

First, they met Thor the Snoring Horse.

They read about him and highlighted all the words with or and ore.

We worked on this matching game as a class.

Then we created our own Thor's.  
It was super exciting! :)

The Thor craft is super easy to make.  

The craft was a pin-spired idea.  
All the kids do is trace a foot (with a partners help) and trace their arm.
I showed them how and they created them during reading group time.

On the horses neck, we wrote words with or and ore.  
I had them write their words on a sticky note and then we went over them as a class after. 

Once we checked our spelling, we added them to our horses! :)

They came out so cute!!!

Here's the full Thor the Snoring Horse pack. :)
(the craft isn't included, but all you need is a foot, an arm, and some yarn!)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Five for Friday! {January 23}

This has been one busy week!
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

 We started our Flat Stanley project!

 We learned about polar bears!
Thank you to Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies for the cute pattern!!

 We did a blubber experiment!
The kids had a blast!
They each wanted to feel it again and again and again.
Here's our little recording sheet in case you're doing it too!

 We've been working on number stories!
I created these little Daily Number Story Packs to go along with our themes for the month.
My kids love them!!
This week's theme was........polar bears!
Did you guess that? ;)

Here's a peek at my January Daily Number Stories!

Each month has 5 themed weeks so you can pick and choose the ones you like best. :)

This one makes me giggle!
 He's been this way all week.
I don't know how he's still standing!

Have a super weekend!
Stop by A Burst of First for a fun giveaway!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Doubles & Doubles +1

We spent the end of last week reviewing our doubles and doubles +1 facts.
Aren't doubles so fun?!

To review, we made a staircase with my little magnet Cuisenaire Rods.
Then I had the kids show me the double for each number.
So someone would come up and put a 1 on top of the 1 rod.
Then we would write the answer above that.

Someone else would put a 2 rod on top of the 2.
We would write the sum on top.

3 on top of 3.
Write sum.

4 on top of 4.
Write sum.

It was around 3 or 4 that someone shouted out,
As if it was the most exciting thing ever!
Which, of course, it IS!

As we continued the kids noticed that all the sums are even.
So we invited Even Steven to the party!!!
(Thanks to Cara at The First Grade Parade for the great idea!)

My kids are pretty solid with their doubles facts, but this was a fun little review!

The next day, we made the doubles staircase again.
Then we reviewed what a doubles +1 fact is.
We added one on top of each double and wrote their sums.

So that's when Odd Olly was invited to our little math party! ;)

I think the staircase really helped them visualize what doubles +1 means.
 We are having an Around the World competition with some of the other first grade classes, so we need to know these facts!!! :)

One more thing before I go!
My sweet friend Deirdre at A Burst of First has a super fun giveaway starting tomorrow!

Stop by her blog to check it out!  
You could win my Love Bug Math Centers! :)

Good luck my friends!
Have a happy Friday!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Five for Friday! (January 17)

It's Friday, it's Friday!
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

 My book boxes came this week!!!
My kids LOVE them!
All they want to do is read.

 We learned about Martin Luther King and thought about how the world could be a better place.
(Thank you to Learning 4 Keeps for the cute paper!)

"My dream is that everyone has friends."

 This was penguin week!
We made these cute little guys.
(We'll be doing our writing next week! :) )

We also created little penguin cartoons. 
I have a page of penguins doing all kinds of different things.  
We talked about thinking bubbles and speech bubbles and how to use them.
Then the kids created their own little comics. 
They came out SO CUTE!!!!!
Here are a few of them!

I went ice skating for the first time last weekend!!
It was a blast!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Freebies on the 15th!

I'm linking up with my friend Molly over at Lucky to be in First 
for her Fabulous Freebies on the 15th linky!

I have a little bee craftivity for you!
A few weeks ago, we read a story about honey bees.  
The kids were so excited to be learning about bees and their hives!
So I created this craft to keep them excited for long e: ee words too!! :)

I also included a long e: ee and short e sorting page and a Read and Roll.
You can grab it here!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Learn Those Words!!

We started the next unit in our reading series this week. 
This unit has 7-8 new high frequency words per week.

I always put our words up on our morning message board for the week so we can go over them every morning.  
Well this week, the kids were like, "WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY WORDS!?"
Haha, I admit it looks like a lot up there!

So, I have started "Words of the Day."
Each day, I choose 2 or 3 words that we will focus on.  
They're listed on the back board.
They're stuck up on the front board.
We go over them in the morning.
We go over them at snack.
We go over them in reading groups.
We might even review them real quick during transition time in math.
And maybe right before lunch.
Or after recess.

So you better be paying attention, because you WILL know these words! :) 

This is the fun part I wanted to share with you!
I also put the Words of the Day on snowflake shapes by the door.
Whenever the kids leave, whether it's for lunch, specialist, the nurse, or the bathroom, they have to touch a snowflake and say the word!

You should see them when they do it.
They have these huge smiles on their faces.
It's the cutest!!

Someone forgot to touch it one time when they left.
So we said if you forget, then you have to read all three.
Then everyone kept forgetting and having to read all three.
I'm pretty sure they were just "forgetting" because that's how fun it is! :)

I saw this idea on Pinterest, with hand prints instead of snowflakes.  
I used hand prints last year, but I thought the snowflakes were cuter. :)
Plus they're easier to cut out because we have dye cut shapes!
Who knows what shape they'll be next week!!!!

My book boxes from Really Good Stuff also came today!

I just ordered them on Sunday.
I can't believe how fast they came!
And I CAN'T wait to use them! :)