Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Little Extra Inspiration!

Today I have a little inspiration for your kiddos!
I created these little signs to pass out to kids who are working hard!!

They're great for the kids who are ALWAYS working hard.
When one kiddo gets one, don't you think the rest will want one too?!
My hope is that they will inspire those kiddos who may struggle with staying focused!!! :)

My kids absolutely LOVE them.
They want me to make more so they can each have one at the same time.
I love them. :)
But who WOULDN'T want one of these with them while they're working?! ;)
It makes them feel super special!

I included many different sayings, as well as a boy and girl version of each.

The images are 4x6 inches.
I got my frames at Michaels, but I've seen them on Amazon and Ikea too!

 I hope they inspire your kids to be hard little workers!!!! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Weekend Warriors: Sight Words!

The Weekend Warriors are back with more tips & tricks!!!
This month's theme is sight words.

What are your favorite sight word activities?!
We'd love for you to link up with us and share!!!!!

We practice sight words daily in my room.
Each week, we add to our class word wall.

We play Zap!
If you haven't played before, you should!
The kids absolutely love it!
It's quick and easy to learn and set up!

This idea was from our interventionist.
She's amazing and this is one of my favorites!

The kids love this one!
It's especially good for the kiddos who make frequent trips to the bathroom. ;)
Use dye cuts, sticky notes, those little accents from the Dollar Tree....anything you have.

Read words to a partner and have them sign off!

Put your sight words everywhere you can! 
The more places they are, the more chances your kids have to read them! :)

Your turn!
We can't wait to read all of your awesome ideas!
Link up below! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pete the Cat!

My kiddos LOVE Pete the Cat!
I saw this adorable craft on Instagram and HAD to have it!

You can grab it in Polly McCoy's store!

Have you ever seen a cuter Pete the Cat?!?!?
I copied the stencils on colored paper so it was super easy to get ready.
My kids love, love, loved it!
I can't wait to hang them all up!
{The speech bubbles I added because we're working on turn around facts!}

So many groooooooovy buttons. :)
Grab it in Polly's store!

Have a happy week!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!
We made it through our first full week of school! 
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs, for the first time in FOREVER, for Five for Friday!

I usually do a friendship board that I leave up throughout the year.
Since my theme is superheroes this year, we made ourselves as SUPER FRIENDS!
Oh my goodness.
I love how they came out!!

This week we learned about short a.
My kids totally LOVED this game!
You can grab it from my friend Alyssa over at Soar into Teaching!
{it's a freebie!}

It was also Apple Week.
{Apple Week 1, that is!}
We made these little apple trees and practiced our turn around facts.

We did an apple taste test!!!
They were looking forward to it ALL day. :)

Then we made a class graph!

Curriculum Night was this week.
We made these adorable little magnets for our parents!
I added a clothespin and magnet to the back so they can hang their work on the fridge. :)

 We ended the week with a little celebration and mini lesson on manners with Mr. Panda.
Plus some donuts! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

My New Show & Tell Apron!!

Happy Monday!!!
I am so so so SO excited to tell you about my new apron!
I'm seriously in love with it!!!!

My sweet, sweet, sweet friend Sandy over at Kinder-Gardening made it!!!
It came Friday and today was the first day I used it!
(I mean the first day at school...I may have tried it out at home this weekend, hehe!)
Not only is it useful, but it's ADORABLE!
The bright colors make me so happy. :)

When I first put it on, the kids thought I was making them pancakes.
Once they got over the fact that I was definitely NOT making pancakes, they loved it too! ;)

We used it for short vowel words.
We used it for turn around facts in math.
I can't wait to use it tomorrow!

I know I'm going to find so many things to do with it!!!!
Thank you Sandy for making learning so fun!!! :)

Have a happy week my friends!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sending Sunshine {happy notes for parents!}

 I love to send home positive little notes about my kiddos when they've done something really great.
Many times things get crazy and busy and I end up forgetting.
This year my goal is to send a few notes every week!
I created these little notes to make it super quick and easy. :)
Why not brighten a parent's (and child's!) day?!!

There are 25 different notes.
Each comes in color and black & white.
I like to print the black & white ones on super bright paper to make everyone even happier! :)

I printed up a bunch at the beginning of the year and keep them in a binder.
That way they're all ready to go when I need one!

Just write a quick little note about what your little one did and send it home!

It's sure to make someone smile!

I also included this little recording sheet to keep track of when you send them home.
I like to make sure everyone gets one!
You can just check off or write which note you sent. :)

Sending home positive notes about a child is SO important!
It makes the parents, the child, and you feel good. :)

Have a fabulous Friday!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

First Week of School!

We made it through the first week of school!
My new bunch of kiddos are so cute and eager to learn.
But they were TIRED by the end of the week!
(And so was I!! ;) )

Here are a few of the things we did together.
(I need to be better about taking pictures because we did so much more!)

We read "First Day Jitters" and did this adorable craft.
Didn't they come out so cute?!
You can grab it over at First Grade Wow!

We also started Read to Self.
We made it to 2 minutes of the first day!!!
Yay!!! :)

On Thursday we made these little buses from First Grade Blue Skies
I just love all of Jennifer's crafts!!!
You can grab the buses in her TpT store!

We also took our pictures in our First Day frame!

I sent our photos to be printed so we can give them to our parents on Curriculum Night.
We'll be putting them in these frames...they're a freebie! :)
Obviously their frames will have them in it, not Moo the Wonder Dog! ;)

Enjoy the long weekend my friends!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Currently September!

Happy September!
Are you back at school yet?!

I'm linking up with Farley for this month's Currently!

To quiet!
Well actually now that I'm typing this...
Moo is rolling is treat ball around the floor.
Besides that it's pretty quiet. :)

I'm loving my new bunch of kiddos.
They're all so sweet.
One told me I was the best teacher ever already!
tehehehe ;)

I'm also loving my classroom!

My boyfriend proposed this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was probably the best day of my life.
It was so perfect.
Like PERFECT. :)

FiancĂ© to come home.
(Fiancé :) :) )
He's on a business trip and I miss him A LOT. :(

Lots of sleep.
You know what the first week of school tired feels like! :)

1. Stay organized: My goal is to keep school bag more organized this year!
2.  Stay positive: This one shouldn't be a problem. :)
3. Relax: I need to remember to make time for myself!

Go link up with Farley and share your Currently!