Saturday, May 31, 2014

Five for Friday!

I missed Friday again!
Oh well :)

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs!

 My birthday was on Monday!
We did a sunrise hike!
My bf made me a pound FAVORITE! was so yummy! :)

 We have been working on time.
My kids LOVED this little time activity by Bright Concepts 4 Teachers!

We let our ladybugs and butterflies go.
My kiddos were bummed!
One of the butterflies landed on a little boy's finger.
I took his picture and he said, "Can you put that up on the internet?!"
Meaning our class website. 
It was the cutest thing ever!
I wish you could see his face!!!

 One of my little girls drew this with a writing piece.
I love when they draw things that I teach them!!!!
Happy teacher!!! :)

This was Favorite Book Day of our ABC Countdown.
It makes me so happy to see them reading together!!!!!

Happy Weekend!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekend Warriors: Fact Fluency!

I'm back with more math for you!!

We've been working lots on fact fluency.
At the beginning of the year, we started by using Xtramath.

Xtramath is a fantastic site that kids can use at home and at school to practice fact fluency.
And it's free!
It's super easy to sign your class up.
You'll get a list of pin numbers for your kiddos to enter.
Plus, there are even parent letters to send home to let them know how to practice at home!
My kids LOVE it!
They beg me to let them play.

We play on our class computer.

We also play on our class iPad.
Which is obviously the favorite! :)

Xtramath starts with easy addition.
It times the kids to answer the question and marks off the facts they know with green.
If they get an answer wrong, it tells them the right answer and makes them type it in.
They get smiley faces for the ones they get correct.

Once they master a fact, the square turns green and they work on harder facts.
Once the kids master addition, it begins working on subtraction.
I have a few who are already on multiplication!!!!!
I like it because it lets the kids work at their level and makes them feel successful!
They LOVE the little smileys!
They always have to tell me how many smileys they get! :)

If your kids need practice with fluency, give Xtramath a try! :)

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Weekend Warriors: Math Organization

Welcome to the Weekend Warriors!
I am so lucky to be a part of this super awesome group of bloggers who are bringing you monthly ideas, tricks, and tips for your classroom.

Each month we will have a different theme.
This month's theme is Mathematical May!

Over my five years teaching, I have collected so many math games.
I was constantly digging through bins and drawers trying the find the one I was looking for.
Last year I decided to finally find a way to organize them all!

I got these little baskets from the Dollar Tree!
When I first started them, I had a basket for each of our addition strategies.
Over the year, I have slowly added more for other math skills as well.

I have them all in the order I teach them.
It is SO EASY to find exactly what I'm looking for now!
Not only can I easily find things, but having the baskets right there makes it so easy to grab a game if we have some free time!

Here's a close up! :)

I do have some games that don't quite fit into my labeled baskets, so they are stored in a separate bin.

This is how all those games in the little blue and green baskets looked BEFORE!
Only I had about five of these messy ones! :)

Over the summer, a few of my teammates and I gathered all kinds of materials for our new Envisions math program.

We put together crates like these to keep everything nice and organized and super pretty. :)

Each topic has it's own folder, where we can add things that we use for each skill.
I also squeezed in my teacher manuals for the topics.
At the back, there are all of our assessments, benchmarks, and folders for each addition strategy.
It makes planning and getting copies ready SO easy!

I have a free math game for you!
Maybe you can add it to a math basket! ;)

Froggy Subtraction

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