Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bubblegum, Bubblegum!

Ok, so the other day, Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies 
posted the most adorable little gumball machine filled with bright, pretty erasers!

I took a screen shot of it because I loved it so much.

Then yesterday I was helping my dad pack up to move.
Do you know what I found?
I bet you can guess!!!!

I'm STILL excited about it!
It's my little bro's.
But he said I could have it.
With the 11 cents inside. ;)

It was actually a lamp, but my super awesome bf un-lamped it for me. :)

Now I have to paint it and make it look even prettier for my classroom!

I was so excited about it, that I made this little real vs nonsense word game too!!!
I can't wait to play it with my kids!

They'll be building CVC word fluency AND having fun at the same time!

Enjoy the rest of your week!!!!!
I hope you have something as exciting as a gumball machine happening! ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekend Warriors: Money Saving Tips & Tricks!

The Weekend Warriors are back!
This weekend we have some money saving tips and tricks for you.
Who wouldn't want some of those?! :)
We'd love to hear your tips too!
Link up and share with us!!!

The Dollar Tree has tablecloths that I always use for my bulletin boards background.
I'm sure you could find some other places too. :)
They can be a little tricky to get up without wrinkles, but once you figure it out it's easy!
They're not expensive and they last.
Plus they have lots of fun colors!
(I usually fold them in half when I put them up so they're a little thicker!)

I love these little offices!
I've always wanted the ones I've seen in school supply catalogs, but I just can't bring myself to spend the money.
All you need are 2 file folders.
(and maybe some colorful marker, crayons, or even stickers to decorate! ;) )

Here's how you make them.
Easy peasy!

No more peeking!!

My last tip I'm sure you've seen before!

Pom pom erasers!
Just hot glue a pom pom on the end of your markers for a cheap, but AWESOME eraser!
The kids love them!
Just make sure you use a lot of hot glue.
They get wiggled and picked and pulled and stuck up noses.
Just kidding about the last one.
But NOBODY likes a broken pom pom eraser! :)

I hope you found a tip you can use!
Do you have any money saving tips?
Link up and share them with us!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rockin' My Dolch Words!

I'm so excited to tell you about my new Dolch word pack!!!

We had some big changes at my school last year.
One was switching from our reading series sight words to using Dolch words.
I'll admit, it was scary.
I had flashcards and games and everything I needed for our reading series words.
I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. 
I'd heard of Dolch words, but wasn't exactly sure what they were.

I dove in, head first!
I had kids on every Dolch list. 
Trying to keep track of who was where was tricky!
Every Friday I would make individual flashcards for the words each kid needed to be working on.
I'd copy two sets.
One for home, which was laminated.
One for school to keep in their book boxes.

After all was said and done, switching to Dolch words was one of the best decisions!
I learned a lot last year!!!

To make this year a little easier, I created this fun little pack!
My kids will be rockin' their Dolch words! :)
(and I'll feel a little more organized!)

I found a site that had the words in order by frequency. 
So I went with that!

I broke the words up into groups or 7 or 8.  
There are a few lists that have 9.
So in all, there are 28 mini lists.
Each week (or however often you'd like) each kiddo gets a new list.
The lists come in color and black & white.

You can send the lists home.
You ca make little books out of them.
The kids can read them with a buddy.
You can hang them up around the room to practice.
There are lots of ways to use them!

There are also flashcards that correspond with each mini list.
Each page of flashcards is labeled with the list number and the Dolch words list it belongs to.

Just copy them and have the kids cut them out!
You can send them home in baggies, use a brass fastener, or attach them to a ring.
I'm going to have them keep one set at school and another at home.

There is also a game board for each Dolch list, just for a little extra practice.

Now for the teacher-y part of the pack!
Obviously, all of this needed a cute binder to keep everything in order.
I included a few different color options!
(spines are included too!!!)

In my binder, I have individual recording sheets for all 28 mini lists. 
Each one is labeled with the list number and the Dolch list is corresponds to.
I included LOTS of columns on them.
Last year my assessment lists only had a few boxes and it got super duper messy!
Check marks and x's everywhere.
Messy.  Super messy.
I don't like messy! ;)

Then there is a class recording sheet.
Here you can keep track of where each student is!
Just write the date the kids were tested, the list they were on, and their percentage.
You can include their overall score for the Dolch list they're working on.
OR you can use the mini list number.
I have a page for both. :)

 **these are not real scores**

 Last, but not least, are the award pages.
Give these to your kids when they've completed a Dolch list! :)

I can't wait to see this with my new class!!!!!!
Are you ready for your kids to build fluency and rock their Dolch words?! :)