Monday, August 1, 2016

Editable Newsletters!

Do you send home weekly newsletters for parents?
I always do because I like to keep them informed about what we're doing in class.
I used to spend so much time making my newsletters 
and trying to find clipart to match our theme each week.  

Last year I decided to make it easy.
And boy did it save me a LOT of time!

 This set of newsletters has EVERY season, theme, and holiday you will ever need!
182 different options to choose from!
The best part is that they're EDITABLE
Just add your own text to the boxes and you're good to go. :)

You'll find newsletters for back to school, apples, fall, Halloween, fire safety...
You name it, it's probably in there!

It's quick and easy to add text. 

Keep your parents involved this year with these easy to use newsletters!

You can also try a free sample to see how you like them!

Happy Monday everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sending Sunshine! {happy notes for parents}

 I love to send home positive little notes about my kiddos when they've done something really great or worked really hard.
Many times things get crazy and busy and I end up forgetting.
Last year my goal is to send home a few notes every week!
These little sunshine notes to made it super quick and easy. :)

There are 25 different notes.
Each comes in color and black & white.
I like to print the black & white ones on super bright paper to make everyone even happier! :)

I print up a bunch at the beginning of the year and keep them in a binder.
That way they're all ready to go when I need one!

Just write a quick little note about what your little one did and send it home!

It's sure to make someone smile!

I also included this little recording sheet to keep track of when you send them home.
I like to make sure everyone gets one!
You can just check off or write which note you sent. :)

Sending home positive notes about a child is SO important!
It makes the parents, the child, and you feel good. :)

Have a sunshine-y day!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is coming!
What do your kids make for their moms?

I make this gift every year.
I just love it!

Sometimes I plant seeds with the kids.
Sometimes I buy little flowers and the kids plant them.
We make a handprint butterfly and stick it in with a popsicle stick!
Add a poem to the front and BOOM!
Super cute Mother's Day gift!!

I usually wrap them up with tissue paper so they look even prettier. :)

I always get compliments on them!!!

This year we also made these adorable little Flippy Flowers!
The kids wrote the SWEETEST things about their moms.

Tomorrow we're making these little books.
I can't wait to read what they write!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the week!!!