Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spooky Little Ghost Letters!

Teaching silent letters can be so much fun!
In my classroom, we call these letters ghost letters!
It really helps the kids learn the sounds.

To begin, we make a list of all the words we can think of!
At first, the kids will usually give words that just start with n or r, instead of words with kn or wr.
But they quickly get the hang of it!

Sometimes I even draw ghosts around the letters on the board or in their books.
I LOVE when they even draw them on words they find! :)

We sort words and highlight those spooky little letters.

We play games to practice reading words with ghost letters.

This Roll & Read helps build fluency AND practices those words.

The kids always love this fun little book.
They read a ghost letter word. 
Read a sentence with that word.  
Then create their own sentence. 
They get pretty creative with these!

Then we end with a fun little mini craft. :)
As a class, we brainstorm words with kn, wr, mb, and gn.   
They we add them to our own spooky little ghosts.

They'll remember those ghost letter forever!!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Happy March!

Hello Friends!
Can you believe it's March already?!

I got the best thing for Christmas.
A Cricut machine!!!
Have you used one?
They're amazing!

I wanted to share some of the fun things I've made with it!
I've been vinyling everything!!

I found these little bowling pins at the Dollar Tree. 
I wish they had more than one set because I can think of so many other bowling ideas!

 I made these ones into Sight Word Bowling!  
I did all those tricky w words that my kids always get mixed up. :)
They're going to LOVE practicing them now!!!

I've seen this idea many times on Pinterest.
I don't know who came up with the original idea, but I like it!

I got this little push light at the Dollar Tree too.  
I'll be using it when I'm taking reading groups!
When the light's on, ask a friend for help.
Just a friendly little reminder not to interrupt. :)

My last project is for above my desk at home.  
I added some scrapbook paper in the frame and used the Cricut to cut the vinyl lettering.
Aren't they so pretty?!

I have a lot more project ideas already!!!
Do you have a Cricut?  What have you made with it?!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine Bookmark Freebie!

Hi friends!
Are you snowed in like me?!
Here's a quick and easy little bookmark for Valentine's Day!

I included two colored verions - a girly one and one that's a little more boyish. :)

You could have your kids color and make their own bookmarks for someone they love. 

Oooor  you could save ink and print on colored paper!

So many options! :)
I hope you love them!
Happy early Valentine's Day!!!