Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Best Game Ever!!

Have you ever played Scoot before?
It is seriously the best game EVER!
If you haven't played, you have to learn how!!!
You will love it.
Your kids will love it.
Everyone will be happy! :)

Scoot can be played to practice just about ANY skill.
The kids are up and moving.
They're having so much fun, they don't even realize they're practicing!

All you need to play are:
*Scoot cards for whichever skill you're working on
*recording sheet

So basically, on your que, the kids "scoot" around the room, looking at each card, 
and writing the answer on their recording sheet.

Before you play, you'll want to decide how you want your kids to move around the room. 
For example, if your desks are set up in a U-shape, they might move to the left each time they scoot.

My room is set up in groups, so the path is a little trickier!
Be sure to model and practice moving the right way before playing. :)

Once you have your path, you're ready to play!

First, review the rules:
Be as quiet as you can!

This is a game of speed, so you want to stay focused and ready to scoot to the next card. :)

Each kid will need a recording sheet and a pencil.
Place a card on each child's desk.  
Each card has a number in the corner.
This is the box number that the kids will write their answer.
It's easiest if you keep the cards in order as you pass them out.
That way the kids can just write their answer in the next box - 
they won't have to worry about finding the correct one.

(This card is #9, so the answer will go in box #9)

The cards stay on the desk you place them on.
The kids will bring the recording sheet and pencil with them when they scoot.

Have everyone push their chairs in and stand behind their desk.
No sitting for this game!
They will fill in the answer for the card that's on their desk.
The teacher will say "SCOOT!" and everyone will move to the next desk.
They'll answer this card.
The teacher will say "SCOOT!"
Then they'll answer the next card.
Keep going until everyone is back at their own desk!

The amount of time you take between saying "SCOOT!" is really up to you.
It could be 10 seconds, it could be 30 seconds. 
I usually look around to make sure everyone is finished before I say it. :)

There is not one winner...you win just by playing!!!
Collect the recording sheet at the end to check answers.
(The freebies below each come with an answer sheet!)

Now you're ready to play!!!
I promise you will LOVE it!

Here are a few tips for a smooth game of Scoot!
*Model, model, model the Scoot path.
*Make a big deal about being as quiet as you can!
*Do a few cards together to make sure everyone understands how to record answers.
(We always do the extra cards together before we start so they have a quick review of how it works!)

You can grab a few Scoot FREEBIES to try it out! :)

Happy scooting!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Little Extra Inspiration!

Today I have a little inspiration for your kiddos!
I created these little signs to pass out to kids who are working hard!!

They're great for the kids who are ALWAYS working hard.
When one kiddo gets one, don't you think the rest will want one too?!
My hope is that they will inspire those kiddos who may struggle with staying focused!!! :)

My kids absolutely LOVE them.
They want me to make more so they can each have one at the same time.
I love them. :)
But who WOULDN'T want one of these with them while they're working?! ;)
It makes them feel super special!

I included many different sayings, as well as a boy and girl version of each.

The images are 4x6 inches.
I got my frames at Michaels, but I've seen them on Amazon and Ikea too!

 I hope they inspire your kids to be hard little workers!!!! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Weekend Warriors: Sight Words!

The Weekend Warriors are back with more tips & tricks!!!
This month's theme is sight words.

What are your favorite sight word activities?!
We'd love for you to link up with us and share!!!!!

We practice sight words daily in my room.
Each week, we add to our class word wall.

We play Zap!
If you haven't played before, you should!
The kids absolutely love it!
It's quick and easy to learn and set up!

This idea was from our interventionist.
She's amazing and this is one of my favorites!

The kids love this one!
It's especially good for the kiddos who make frequent trips to the bathroom. ;)
Use dye cuts, sticky notes, those little accents from the Dollar Tree....anything you have.

Read words to a partner and have them sign off!

Put your sight words everywhere you can! 
The more places they are, the more chances your kids have to read them! :)

Your turn!
We can't wait to read all of your awesome ideas!
Link up below! :)