Friday, February 5, 2016

Play Doh Valentines!

I'm so excited about my little Valentines this year!!!
I think the kids are going to love them. :)

They're a freebie...
Because I love you all so much! :)

The tags are 2 inch circles.
My jars of Play Doh were 24 ounces.
(They may be too small for regular size jars!)

I found these little jars of Play Doh on Amazon.
They came in a pack of 24 for $15.
If you have Prime, you can get them before Valentine's Day! ;)

I also added spelling with Play Doh to our spelling menu this month.
They're going to be SO excited! :)

Have a happy weekend!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Groundhog Day {freebie!}

Will the groundhog see his shadow tomorrow?!
We voted today. 
Most of my kids think spring is coming!
Maybe the 60 degree weather had something to do with that?!

I hope they're right!!!!!!
(How cute are their little groundhogs???)

I also wanted to share this little Groundhog Math mini pack with you!
It's nothing special, just a little math practice for Groundhog Day! :)

It has a page for finding the missing part.

There's an addition true/false sort.

A little skip counting practice!

And of course a groundhog addition game!
(YES it can be a bump game.
Do your kids ask you that for EVERY math game like mine do?)

Happy Groundhog Day!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Flippin' for Addition!

We've been working super hard on our addition fact fluency!
Games, flashcards, you name it, we've done it!!!

Addition just got a lot more fun with these little flip books!

They're super easy to make.
Just copy them double-sided.

Then fold in half and cut along the dotted lines!

The answers go on the INSIDE of the flap.
That way you can practice them without seeing the answer. :)
Pick a math fact, answer it, and flip a flap to check!
How fast can you flip?!

My kids love them!!!
It was just what we needed to make addition more fun!
Send them home, use for centers, or have them ready for fast finishers!

I created these to go along with the strategies we use to teach addition.
Each little book has the strategy and a little clue to help solve it.
making ten
doubles +1
doubles +2
near tens