Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: How Do You....

Happy Wednesday!
I'm linking up with Christina for this week's Wordless Wednesday!

Sooo I've decided to re-organize all of my files and put them into binders.

My question is:
Can you come help me organize?
Just kidding!
{unless you want to}

My real questions are:
How do you organize your files?
If you have them in binders, how to you organize within each binder?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend Warriors: More Tips & Tricks!

Happy Sunday friends!
I'm back with more tips and tricks! :)

Do you have trouble keeping track of all your kids' log ins to different sites and tests?
Last year I started putting all usernames and passwords on labels.
Then I'd make a set of cards like this one.

Each kid has their own page and they can easily flip to find theirs!
Easy peasy!

I really loved these during center time because my kids who were on the computers or iPad could just grab the log in ring they needed and go!

It was also really easy during testing time or computer lab time.
I'd take their cards OFF the ring and pass them out so everyone had their own name and password.
It made computer time SO MUCH EASIER!

It's amazing how things so simple can make things so much easier! :)

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weekend Warriors: Tips & Tricks!

Welcome back to Weekend Warriors!
This weekend we have lots of tips and tricks for teaching, TPT, and blogging!

I have a little reading tip for you today.
Introducing ..... Brilliant Blending Buddies!!! :)  
I don't know if that's what they're really called.
But that's what I like to call them!
A few years ago, one of our PD days was with our assistant superintendent.
{who has the most amazing ideas ever!}
The Brilliant Blending Buddies are for readers who are struggling to 
sound out and blend sounds together.

Here's what they look like.
Aren't they so pretty!

They're so super easy to make!  
All you need are foam sheets {or felt} and pom poms.  
I got my foam sheets at Hobby Lobby.  
{I just cut them in half so the finished ones are about 2 inches X 6 inches.}  
Hot glue some pom poms on and you're good to go!

The Brilliant Blending Buddies are super easy to use too!  
Here's how they work!

Say a student is stuck on the word dog.  
They grab a Brilliant Blending Buddy and sound out each letter as they touch a pom pom.  
{I have ones with 3 and 4 pom poms.}
So they touch the first pom pom and say:

Then the second:

 And the last!

Then they go back to the beginning and slide their finger across the bottom and blend the sounds together. 


It's so simple and easy and IT WORKS! 

I use them in my reading groups.
 I have them available for the kids to use when reading on their own.  
A few even asked to take one home!  

I also have a set of Brilliant Blending Buddies with four pom poms.  
I used these ones for words with beginning or ending blends.  
The rule is, you have to wrap up the two beginning sounds 
{or the two ending sounds depending on the word}.  
So if you were sounding out stop
you would sound out /s/ /t/, then circle your finger around the two pom poms and blend them.  
Then you would sound out the o and p and blend the whole word.

You will be AMAZED at how well these little buddies work!!!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Lovin' Sale: Handwriting!

Hello again my fabulous friends!
It's the last day of the Summer Lovin' Sale.
I hope you stocked up on lots of goodies for back to school! :)

Today's sale item will teach your kiddos to Write Like a Superhero!!

This pack contains everything you'll need to teach your kiddos to write like a pro! :)

Here is the completed journal!
I cut out the cover and mounted it on colored card stock to make it sturdier...
....and prettier. :)
Or, for the boys, more handsome.
Because who doesn't love a handsome handwriting journal?!

Inside you will find four posters to teach your kids how to write like a superhero.
(Three are shown below!)
These pages can also be included in the journals.

Then come the practice pages!
The pack contains directions for how to doubleside the letter formation and practice pages (if you wish to!)
{You could also use the letter formation pages as classroom posters OR make a separate class book out of those to save on color :) }

With these pages, the kids can trace over the large letters to see how to properly form the letters.
Then they can practice on the next page.

After every six letters, there is a review page.

This pack also contains an award to give your students when they have completed the book and can write like a superhero!

I used this last year and my kiddos were superhero writers!!
Grab it today for only $4.00!!!

Take a closer look at it here: Write Like a Superhero!

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