Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Warriors: Moving Word Wall!

Welcome back to Weekend Warriors!

I'm super excited to tell you about this Pinspirational Idea!

This idea came from Elizabeth over at Kickin' it in Kindergarten.
Last summer, my team and I moved into a different school.  
My new classroom didn't have as much wall space as my old room.
I was really worried about what to do with my word wall!!!!

Then I saw Elizabeth's idea and I HAD to try it!
So I created a moving word wall!!!

Best idea ever!
I keep our weekly words in our morning meeting area.
On Friday, I move them over to the word wall.
So our word wall grew slowly each week.
Whenever the kids need words, they grab the letter they need, find the word, and put it back.

I've also used it for practicing words.
They'd grab a letter or two and practice with a friend!

I color-coded my words so that I knew which unit they came from.
At the beginning of the year, I was a little worried about letters going missing.
But we never lost one set!!
The kids were great about putting them back in the right spot.
I had a little stool next to it to reach to top row. 

Our moving word wall takes up much less space and is much more interactive! :)
You should try it!!

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Diggin' into: Organization of Literacy Block

organization of my literacy block!

We have a 90 minute literacy block.
We always start whole group.
Then the kids work independently while I take reading groups.

I use a clipboard similar to this one to keep my groups organized.
(I don't have a picture my reading group one!!)

My reading group one has four boxes of different colored paper, one for each of my reading groups.

In reading groups, we work on making words, phonics skills, and lots of reading!

The kids at their seats start with some individual work, then go to centers.

I kind of adapted the Daily 5 for my center work.

The kids can choose:
Work on Words
Read to Self
Read to Someone
Work on Writing

I have a listening center, but it doesn't work!!
Sometimes I add computer time to the mix too.

They have to go to at least one of the centers a day.
They also have the option of doing more than one a day.

Some days we end early and do read to self or read to someone as a whole class.
I LOVE seeing them so into their books!!!

I have many phonics packs that I use for my word work center.

Here are a few!

{Fruit & Glue! Ewww!} 

{Miss Lovely & Mr. Wonderful} 

{Tricky Mr. Y}

{The Little Proud Flower} 

{Ernest the Furry Dog}

You can check out more {here!}

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend Warriors: Class Book {freebie!}

I'm teaming up with some of my favorite bloggers for this month's Weekend Warriors!

Our theme this month is Pinspirational June.

Who doesn't love Pinterest, right?!
I spend so much time pinning new ideas and projects!
I'm so happy it's summer, so I can finally have TIME to do them all! :)

I was looking for a fun end of the year project to do with my kiddos and came across this cute idea.

Check it out {here}!

How cute is that?!

We made our own! :)

They had a blast thinking up ideas for what I really do over the summer!!!

Crazy dance party!

I love this picture!
She thinks I train dinosaurs to do tricks!

A rockstar pool party....
So awesomely loud that the whole world can hear. HA!
Notice that Moo is there with me! :)

Moo surfing.

Pool party and the beach!

One said I eat all day.
They know me so well!! ;)

I just love how it came out! 

You can grab the book {here!}
It's a freebie!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Hello Summer!

It's here!
I'm sad and happy. 

Sad to say goodbye to my littles and happy to have some time to relax and enjoy the sun!
We've had a BUSY couple of weeks!

We had field day on Monday.
It was a blast!

Tuesday I gave my kids their end of the year gifts.
Beach balls!

We each autographed them all.
You can grab the tags {here!}
It's a freebie! :)

We also emptied out our book boxes.
It was so sad.
The kids didn't want to give them up!!!

Wednesday was the kids' last day.
My super awesome bf made the kids each a DVD of pictures from first grade. 
They totally loved it!

Our fabulous nurse made a slide show of pictures that we watched as a school.
After that, we had a school dance party in the gym.
It was pretty AWESOME!!!

My friend Melissa shared her extra s'mores.
Because obviously we want s'more first grade!

 We shaving creamed our desks.
I got lots of shaving cream love notes!
I sure am going to miss this bunch!!!

The kids each got an award for officially being a second grader.
*sad face*
They had to walk up the "red carpet" and give a mini speech.
A few even sang really sweet songs.

I spent Wednesday afternoon and yesterday morning cleaning up my room.

I don't like seeing it like this!!!!!!
Then it was.......SUMMER!!! :)