Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Write Like a Superhero!!!

Hi friends!

I'm super excited to share my latest project with you!!!!!
It's a new handwriting journal!
Teach your kids to Write Like a Superhero!!

This pack contains everything you'll need to teach your kiddos to write like a pro! :)

Here is the completed journal!
I cut out the cover and mounted it on colored card stock to make it sturdier (and much more pretty!)

Inside you will find four posters to teach your kids how to write like a superhero.
(Three are shown below!)
These pages can also be included in the journals.

Then come the practice pages!
The pack contains directions for how to doubleside the letter formation and practice pages (if you wish to!)
{You could also use the letter formation pages as classroom posters OR make a mini book out of those to save on color :) }

With these pages, the kids can trace over the large letters to see how to properly form the letters.
Then they can practice on the next page.

After every six letters, there is a review page.

This pack also contains an award to give your students when they have completed the book and can write like a superhero!

I have already started using this in my class and my kiddos LOVE it!!

You can check out more here: Write Like a Superhero!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Book!

I'm back!!

It has been a craaaaaaazy few weeks!
Last week we had two nights of conferences.
This is one tired teacher! :)

I wanted to share a fun little Thanksgiving activity with you!
This is one of my super awesome team member's ideas. 
We love sharing :)

It takes a lot of time to put together, but it's worth it.  
The kids each get a little Thanksgiving book to share with their families!

The cover page is a hand-print turkey.

The next is a Pilgrim page.  
The boys do a boy and the girls make a girl.
They come out so cute!

The Mayflower comes next.

Then the Pilgrims built homes.

And the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims.

Then they celebrated the first Thanksgiving!!!

The kids always have a blast making them!
My goal was to have them finished before Thanksgiving week and I succeeded!!!!
They are all ready to take home!
No running around tomorrow.
At least for that! ;)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities this week!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Five for Friday & a GIVEAWAY!!

It's been another crazy busy week!!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to catch you up on my week! :)


Turkeys in disguise!!  This is one of my favorite, favorite projects!!  I give it to the kids to take home and they always come back with so many great lookin' turkeys!! :)

 We learned magic e and long a this week!!!  
I used my magical wand and cape while teaching it. :)
I had the kids spell short vowel words for me.
Then I'd swirl around with my cape and wand, add a silent e, and make it say long a. 
 It was magical. 

But magic e is super tricky! 
 It makes the kids want to make all a's long a!  

After teaching magic e, one of the kids said, "Wow! That was a good show!"

Why, thank you, thank very much.  

Deirdre over at A Burst of First made this fabulous book!!!
My kids had a blast making it.
I plan on having it out for Parent-Teacher Conferences this week!

One my parents came in yesterday to teach the class a little bit about sign language.  
I forgot to take pictures, but it was amazing.
The kids had so much fun. 
 We learned all kinds of fun signs and used them all day!!

Because I am thankful for all of my followers, I am having a giveaway!!!!!
I have made so many super bloggy friends and I want you all to know that I am so thankful for all of you! :)

Two of you will win your pick of three items from my TpT Store!!

Enter below :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 11, 2013

Math Monday ~ Thanksgiving Style!

Happy Veterans Day!

 I'm linking up with Deidre for Math Monday!

I finally, finally, finally finished one of the many, many, many projects on my to do list.  

I'm super excited about this pack and I know my kids will be too!

It's full of Thanksgiving fun!!

It includes 6 super fun math games!
I included a color AND black & white version of each. :)

Here's a peek inside!
  • Turkey Trot: adding 9 roll & cover
  • Friendly Feast: doubles bump
  • To a Thanksgiving Feast We Go: addition game
  • Skip Counting Puzzles: skip count by 2's, 5's, 10's 
  • Turkey Trouble: numbers before & after (#1-10 and 10-20) 
  • Pilgrim Place Value: tens and ones place value game

Hop over and check it out!
One more thing before I go!
This little guy came down the chimney yesterday.
In the house.  
Running around the living room.
And the dining room.
Poor little thing was so scared!
We caught him in a storage box and let him out.
Let's hope he doesn't visit again!!!

Happy Math Monday friends! :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Five for Friday!

It's Friday!
It's Friday!

Link up with Doodle Bugs to share about your week!


We celebrated Veterans Day with this fun project!  

We also wrote letters to thank veterans.

There's nothing as peaceful as being on the top of a mountain! :)

My kids LOVED Shady the Shark and Theo the Thief!!

Read about them here!

I finished up my Thanksgiving pack!
I can't WAIT to start it with my kiddos!!!!

I hit 60k miles on my car.  WAHHHHHH!!!  
Time for a new one.
Just kidding :)

Happy Friday!!!!!!!
I'll leave you with this little cutie! :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Meet Shady & Theo {Digraph Friends!}

We started working on digraphs /sh/ and /th/ this week!

I wanted to tell you about two super fun packs I posted this week that will help your kids learn them too! :)

Here's the first pack!

Meet Shady!
Shady the Shark loves shells.
And his friend sheep.

And basically anything that starts with /sh/! Ha! :)
Inside you will find:
  • Shady the Shark poster
  • Shady mini book (I had my kids highlight all the /sh/ words)
  • /sh/ sorting center with recording sheets
  • Two /sh/ practice pages.

Shady has a friend named Theo.
Theo isn't so nice. 
 That's because Theo is a thief.

Theo loves to steal people's things, especially on Thursdays.

Here's a peek at Theo the Thief!!

This pack contains:
  • Theo the Thief poster
  • Theo the Thief mini book (highlight the /th/ words!)
  • /th/ sorting center with two recording sheets
  • Two /th/ practice pages

I'm working on a /ch/ pack as well!! :)  I can't wait to finish it!!
Have a happy Friday!!