Thanksgiving Book!

I'm back!!

It has been a craaaaaaazy few weeks!
Last week we had two nights of conferences.
This is one tired teacher! :)

I wanted to share a fun little Thanksgiving activity with you!
This is one of my super awesome team member's ideas. 
We love sharing :)

It takes a lot of time to put together, but it's worth it.  
The kids each get a little Thanksgiving book to share with their families!

The cover page is a hand-print turkey.

The next is a Pilgrim page.  
The boys do a boy and the girls make a girl.
They come out so cute!

The Mayflower comes next.

Then the Pilgrims built homes.

And the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims.

Then they celebrated the first Thanksgiving!!!

The kids always have a blast making them!
My goal was to have them finished before Thanksgiving week and I succeeded!!!!
They are all ready to take home!
No running around tomorrow.
At least for that! ;)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities this week!

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  1. I love your book, Sarah! I bet the parents will keep that forever. SO sweet. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you! We have conferences this afternoon. I am ready for the break!
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