Thursday, November 7, 2013

Meet Shady & Theo {Digraph Friends!}

We started working on digraphs /sh/ and /th/ this week!

I wanted to tell you about two super fun packs I posted this week that will help your kids learn them too! :)

Here's the first pack!

Meet Shady!
Shady the Shark loves shells.
And his friend sheep.

And basically anything that starts with /sh/! Ha! :)
Inside you will find:
  • Shady the Shark poster
  • Shady mini book (I had my kids highlight all the /sh/ words)
  • /sh/ sorting center with recording sheets
  • Two /sh/ practice pages.

Shady has a friend named Theo.
Theo isn't so nice. 
 That's because Theo is a thief.

Theo loves to steal people's things, especially on Thursdays.

Here's a peek at Theo the Thief!!

This pack contains:
  • Theo the Thief poster
  • Theo the Thief mini book (highlight the /th/ words!)
  • /th/ sorting center with two recording sheets
  • Two /th/ practice pages

I'm working on a /ch/ pack as well!! :)  I can't wait to finish it!!
Have a happy Friday!!


  1. OOOOOOH I love Shady! Thank you SHOOO much! Theo is just adorable, too. You are so clever! The kids will love these.
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  2. Do you use Wonders for reading? I am also working on the /sh/ and /th/ sound this week. THis will be great for review week!