Digraph SH with Shady the Shark

Digraphs can be tricky after you've spent so much time working on individual letter sounds!
Shady the Shark makes the sh sound easy to remember and fun to learn.

Meet Shady!
Shady the Shark loves shells.
And his friend sheep.

He basically loves everything with sh. :)

From posters and centers to games and printable practice pages, this resource has everything you need to teach the sh sound.

The Shady the Shark book is full of words with sh.
It's fun to read the book as a class and highlight all the sh words!

The game makes a fun center or partner activity.
You can even play it supersized on your smart board!
After we've played as a class, I usually send a game home with everyone so they can practice and play with their families as well.

The Shady craft is a fun way to review the sh sound. 
Each kiddo will create their own shark and write sh words in its mouth.
It makes a fun display too!

Hop over and check Shady out!
Happy reading!


  1. OOOOOOH I love Shady! Thank you SHOOO much! Theo is just adorable, too. You are so clever! The kids will love these.
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  2. Do you use Wonders for reading? I am also working on the /sh/ and /th/ sound this week. THis will be great for review week!


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