Hello Summer!

It's here!
I'm sad and happy. 

Sad to say goodbye to my littles and happy to have some time to relax and enjoy the sun!
We've had a BUSY couple of weeks!

We had field day on Monday.
It was a blast!

Tuesday I gave my kids their end of the year gifts.
Beach balls!

We each autographed them all.
You can grab the tags {here!}
It's a freebie! :)

We also emptied out our book boxes.
It was so sad.
The kids didn't want to give them up!!!

Wednesday was the kids' last day.
My super awesome bf made the kids each a DVD of pictures from first grade. 
They totally loved it!

Our fabulous nurse made a slide show of pictures that we watched as a school.
After that, we had a school dance party in the gym.
It was pretty AWESOME!!!

My friend Melissa shared her extra s'mores.
Because obviously we want s'more first grade!

 We shaving creamed our desks.
I got lots of shaving cream love notes!
I sure am going to miss this bunch!!!

The kids each got an award for officially being a second grader.
*sad face*
They had to walk up the "red carpet" and give a mini speech.
A few even sang really sweet songs.

I spent Wednesday afternoon and yesterday morning cleaning up my room.

I don't like seeing it like this!!!!!!
Then it was.......SUMMER!!! :)


  1. Monday was our last day with kids, Tuesday and Wednesday for records and clean-up, so I'm with you... off to start summer! Thank you for sharing that fabulous book... I'll definitely do that next year! Or maybe "What teachers do for Christmas"...

    Cori in TX

  2. Thank you for the tags-that is a great idea. I will definitely do that next year. Hope you are having a super summer.


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