Monday, September 14, 2015

My New Show & Tell Apron!!

Happy Monday!!!
I am so so so SO excited to tell you about my new apron!
I'm seriously in love with it!!!!

My sweet, sweet, sweet friend Sandy over at Kinder-Gardening made it!!!
It came Friday and today was the first day I used it!
(I mean the first day at school...I may have tried it out at home this weekend, hehe!)
Not only is it useful, but it's ADORABLE!
The bright colors make me so happy. :)

When I first put it on, the kids thought I was making them pancakes.
Once they got over the fact that I was definitely NOT making pancakes, they loved it too! ;)

We used it for short vowel words.
We used it for turn around facts in math.
I can't wait to use it tomorrow!

I know I'm going to find so many things to do with it!!!!
Thank you Sandy for making learning so fun!!! :)

Have a happy week my friends!!!

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  1. Oh, Sarah! I'm sitting here having my morning cup of coffee with half and half and tears. Thank you so very much for your sweet words. I hope that the kids love the apron and that it makes learning fun for them. This apron thing has been a huge adventure with mostly great things happening. My biggest wish is that it brings a smile to kids and that teachers find it helpful. You look adorable and the word sun is perfect for you! Many hugs!