A Little Extra Inspiration!

Today I have a little inspiration for your kiddos!
I created these little signs to pass out to kids who are working hard!!

They're great for the kids who are ALWAYS working hard.
When one kiddo gets one, don't you think the rest will want one too?!
My hope is that they will inspire those kiddos who may struggle with staying focused!!! :)

My kids absolutely LOVE them.
They want me to make more so they can each have one at the same time.
I love them. :)
But who WOULDN'T want one of these with them while they're working?! ;)
It makes them feel super special!

I included many different sayings, as well as a boy and girl version of each.

The images are 4x6 inches.
I got my frames at Michaels, but I've seen them on Amazon and Ikea too!

 I hope they inspire your kids to be hard little workers!!!! :)

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