Saturday, April 20, 2013

Springy Adjectives!

We all know that April showers bring May flowers!  Here's a fun little craft I did with my kiddos last week.  It was a hit!!!! We started by reviewing what adjectives are and why they are so important to use in writing.  Then we made a list of all the springy adjectives we could think of - it was a longggg list! :)

The kids then had a blast digging through and destroying our scrapbook paper choosing a bright, colorful paper to use! They added their adjectives to raindrops and began their writing.  

Look at all these awesome adjectives!

This one was one of my favs! 
"Spring gives us flowers.  They make my eyes itchy but they are pretty.  I love flowers!"

 "Spring, spring.  I love spring.  I like spring because I love waking up with birds chirping.  I like to go outside in my raincoat and rain boots and jump in wet, rainy puddles."

"I like spring because it is fun.  It is rainy.  It is joyful because of the flowers."

Listen to all these fantastic adjectives!!  So proud! :)

 "It was a peaceful day.  A beautiful butterfly flew by the colorful flowers of goldWarm, sunny, colorful days make me want to go outside and play with the friends.  Oh, I love the spring!"

I put our beautiful, rainy umbrella projects in the hall.  They make the hall so bright and colorful and fun!  

They really do make an eye-popping display! 

You can get the pretty patterns and paper at my TpT shop!  It also includes an adjective thinking map and a making words activity.
Hope you love it!!!

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