Thursday, April 11, 2013

We Love Earth Day!!

Our I *Heart* Earth projects are finally finished and up on display!  They came out really great and the kids had a blast making them!
My kids  made an acrostic poem to go with their earths.  Here are a few samples of their excellent work :)
"Everyone is allowed to help
Anyone can
Tell people about it
Have fun!

Did you want to help?
Ask if they want to help plant trees
Yes you can!"

"Everyone loves the earth when it's clean
Anything can be done
Reusing is good and littering is bad
The earth must be clean
Help each other clean the earth
Do what is right
Anyone can pick up litter
Yay for Earth Day!"
 "Everyone can help
Ask a friend to help grow a tree
Recycle a lot
Take care of our universe
Help our planet be healthy
Don't litter
Any person can help
You can do it"
They had all kinds of ideas on how they could go green! They were trying to recycle any trash they could find :)  
You can get my I *Heart* Earth craft and printables at my TpT store.  Here's a look at what's inside! 
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Reduce, reuse, recycle!

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