A Little Halloween! :)

I've really, really been trying to be consistent with my blog posts, but I haven't been very successful!  Do you ever feel like there's not enough time in the day?! 

Today I started a Halloween-y project with my kiddos and I just HAD to share it with you!  I got the idea from Fun Family Crafts.

I'm so excited about how cute they came out, that I'm going to show you before I tell you how we made them :)

Aren't they ADORABLE!!!!  The greens are paint samples (thank you Home Depot!).  I grabbed a bunch of different shades so that each would  be a little different.  I had all the paper cut for my kiddos and we went through one step at a time.  I told them this project was ALL about following directions (and the did an amazing job listening!)  My one rule was no saying "I can't!"  I love teaching them that it may look tricky to cut out, but they CAN do it! 

1. We started with the black mouth.  I had them keep one edge straight and modeled how to cut a wavy line.  We glued that down and cut out two teeth.

2.  Then I showed them how to cut out triangles to make the hair.

3.  Eyes next!  Fold white paper in half and imagine a circle on it.  Carefully, sloooowly cut around.  I showed them that it makes two eyes and one said, "It's like magic!!"  This was my favorite part.  They started off looking at me like "yeah, right, I can't do that" {but they didn't say it...that was the rule ;) }.  Then they tried and DID do it.  Lots of them held it up and were so excited to show that they CAN do it. :) 

4.  Then we did the eye brows.  I had them keep one side straight and we cut the other side with a little curve.

5.  Last we did the nails!  We folded black paper in half and cut two T's.

We ran out of time to add the pupil in the eyes and write about them and they were so disappointed!!  I can't wait to see their writing tomorrow :)

{I also got orange paint samples for pumpkins and white for mummies!!}
Have a super week!


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  1. Sarah,

    This is the cutest craft ever!! I am definitely heading to HomeDepot tomorrow.



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