Classroom Reveal {FINALLY!!!}

I'm finally ready to show you my classroom!

By ready, I mean, I didn't fall asleep before writing this post.....yet. :)
So I better type fast!!!!!!

Here we go!

This is the view from the back of my room.

This is the view from the front! :)

Now for some close ups!  I'll start from the left and go around!

Here are our behavior and dismissal charts.

This is where the kids keep their bags, jackets, lunches, toys, hats, and gloves.
They each have their own numbered basket.  
They make finding hats and gloves so much easier!
Up on top of that are our math games and anthologies.
And Elmer.  Can you see him hiding there? :)

Here's our sink and my supply storage.

Behind the curtains.... :)
Markers, crayons, glue sticks...all the fun stuff!

I forgot a close up of the back!
We have our mailboxes and calendar area back there.
Plus our class goldfish...and a tadpole from last year that never changed!

Next up is our Word Work area.

Then we have our book boxes.
 I keep my centers  in the colored drawers and teacher supplies in the clear ones!

I've shared this one binder shelf!
It makes me so happy!!!! :)

We have our bucket filler cups on the front of my desk.

 View from the top!
 (This was in the morning....before papers began to pile up ;) )

My eno board!!!!

Last we have our library and word wall!

Thanks for taking the tour!!!!!! :)

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