Saturday, October 11, 2014

Letter Sounds & Freebies Galore!

Happy Saturday!

Do you have kiddos who are struggling to learn their letter sounds?
Here are a few things that might help! :)

This one's a little game that my kids love!
It's a two player game.
The first player spins the spinner and covers the picture that starts with the same sound.
The other player covers the upper case letter that matches.

It's super fun!!!
Click {HERE} to grab it! 
I included a game with the letters s, a, t, p, i, n, b, m, and f.
There is a second game board with the letters shown in the picture above. :)

Next I have a little alphabet chart that I have some of my kiddos keep in their desks.
Click {HERE} to grab that one! :)

Last I've been using these little alphabet cards.
Some of my kiddos keep them on the corner of their desks and we review them throughout the day.  
I have sent a few home too! :)

Grab the cards {HERE!!!}

I hope you can use them! :)

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