Daily 5: Read to Self!

Happy Friday!!
Friday of SPRING BREAK!!

Today I'm linking up with my friend Deirdre over at A Burst of First for her Daily 5 linky!
This week's theme is Read to Self.

We start slowly with Read to Self at the beginning of the year.
We model what it looks like.
We practice.
Then we model and practice some more.

At the beginning of the year, my kiddos could read 2, maybe 3 minutes, without stopping/talking/fooling around.
Now, my kids are Read to Self MASTERS!!
It makes me so, so, so, SO happy seeing them so engaged and into the books they're reading.
If I let them, I think they'd be perfectly happy just reading all day long! :)

There are really only two things you need for Read to Self:
book boxes and books.

I got my book boxes from Really Good Stuff.  
I absolutely love them!
They're so bright and color and they make me happy. :)
Each kid has their own box.
We add books every week so they have many to choose from.

Book boxes are important because the kids have a special collection of books they can read.
No more taking hours to choose one book from the library.
Only to finish it and have to spend more time choosing another.
If they find a book they like, they just add it to their box!~

This year our school starting using Reading A to Z, so I have started a library of leveled books.
The kids know their levels and they can easily find books that are "just right" for them.

My big class library is not levelized (yet!).
I have everything in bins, but I haven't gotten around to organizing them!

 I truly believe that Read to Self makes the kids better readers.
They know HOW to read a book. 
They can read for longer periods of time.
And they LOVE IT!!!

Link up with Deirdre to share your Read to Self tips!

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