Weekend Warriors: Favorite EOY Activities!

It's the end of the month...
That means it's time for another round of Weekend Warriors!
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The end of the year is quickly coming and these are some of my favorite things to do during the last month of school.

I just love these little suns.
They're so fun to make AND they're super summery. :)

I make this every year for my kids.
I'm sure you've seen it on Pinterest too! :)

 This little beach ball has been my end of year gift for the last few years.
The kids each get one.
We sit in a big circle and pass the balls around, so everyone gets to sign each ball.
The kids LOVE it!
(You can grab the tag here...it's a freebie!) 

Link up and share your favorite end of the year activities too!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your beach ball idea! Thanks so much for the freebie that goes with it! Happy Summer!!!!

  2. I love the idea of passing the ball around to collect signatures! So much more organized than letting them loose around the classroom (and it's a great way to make sure that they each get signatures from everyone in class). So smart!! :)

    Primarily Speaking

  3. My friend, you have just saved the day with your beach ball tag and the brilliant idea to sit in a circle for autograph time! THANK YOU! :) Our beach ball day has been moved to next week, so now I have time to get the tags ready!

    Creative Lesson Cafe


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