Weekend Warriors: Money Saving Tips & Tricks!

The Weekend Warriors are back!
This weekend we have some money saving tips and tricks for you.
Who wouldn't want some of those?! :)
We'd love to hear your tips too!
Link up and share with us!!!

The Dollar Tree has tablecloths that I always use for my bulletin boards background.
I'm sure you could find some other places too. :)
They can be a little tricky to get up without wrinkles, but once you figure it out it's easy!
They're not expensive and they last.
Plus they have lots of fun colors!
(I usually fold them in half when I put them up so they're a little thicker!)

I love these little offices!
I've always wanted the ones I've seen in school supply catalogs, but I just can't bring myself to spend the money.
All you need are 2 file folders.
(and maybe some colorful marker, crayons, or even stickers to decorate! ;) )

Here's how you make them.
Easy peasy!

No more peeking!!

My last tip I'm sure you've seen before!

Pom pom erasers!
Just hot glue a pom pom on the end of your markers for a cheap, but AWESOME eraser!
The kids love them!
Just make sure you use a lot of hot glue.
They get wiggled and picked and pulled and stuck up noses.
Just kidding about the last one.
But NOBODY likes a broken pom pom eraser! :)

I hope you found a tip you can use!
Do you have any money saving tips?
Link up and share them with us!!!

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  1. OM WORD! Pom Poms as erasers?? WHAAAT? This is genius! Love it! Use it! THANK YOU!!!
    Loving Kinders


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