Blending Robot!

I went into my classroom today!
There's sooooo much to do!

I wanted to share these little blending robots with you before I forget about them. :)
They are similar to the Blending Buddies I've blogged about before.
But they're more fun!
At least I think so. ;)

Here are a few of them!
I made 4 different robots.
In case your kiddos are picky about robots.
Hopefully they like one of them. 

So say one of your kiddos gets stuck on a word.
Or you give them a word to break up into sounds. 
Grab a robot.
Eve is my favorite.
Although Weebo is awfully cute too!

Touch the first gear and say the sound.
Touch the second gear and say the sound.
Touch the third gear and say the sound.
Then go back to the beginning.  
Run your finger along all three gears and blend the sounds together!

If you're feeling really crazy, you can even sound them out like a robot.
I think your kids will love them.
I think you will too. :)

You can grab them {HERE!}
They're a freebie!!!

Happy blending!!

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