Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Emoji Management!

Who doesn't love emojis?!
They are so cute and so fun. 
I've been using them for behavior management with my class.
They work like a charm!

When I saw these little cuties, I just HAD to have them. 
(I got them at Walmart!)

The only problem is that I want MORE!
And I can't find them anywhere. 
Sad face emoji.

I keep these little guys where the kids can see them. 
If I see someone working really hard, they hop onto that person's desk. :)
I love their little smiles when I put one on their desk.

There's one rule. 
You can't touch them!
It's's so hard....they're so cute and fun. ;)

My favorite thing is when they ask if I can move the emojis to so-and-so's desk 
because they're working really hard too.
Melt my heart. <3

We obviously had to name our new friends. 
This is Miss Lovely.  
When she sits on your desk she says, "I love your work! I love your work!"
(in a cute and sweet voice)

Our other friend is Mr. Cool.  
When he sits on your desk, he says, "Whoooa!  Nice work dude!"
(in a surfer voice, obviously)

They seriously work like magic!
As soon as the kids see me head toward Miss Lovely and Mr. Cool, EVERYONE is working hard.
I told them I need one for each of them!

What do you use for classroom management?!
Have a happy week!


  1. I. Love. This. So. Much. This is adorable. I bet your kids are loving it. It's so new and fun- and special. You are the best!

  2. These look awesome! Lately, I've been using Target dollar spot sun glasses that they can wear while they work and at recess. It's been working like magic! Thanks for this fantastic idea!