Fire Safety!

It's Fire Safety Week!
Have you been teaching all about fire safety?!

We've been doing all kinds of things to learn how to be safe in case of a fire. 

I know with my class, fire drills are often scary.  
The first few drills we had at school, 
the kids were warned in advance that it was going to happen.
The last time we weren't warned.
Boy were they worried! 

Fires are scary and we want kids to know what to do in case there is an emergency...without panicking!

This little game makes fire safety a little less scary, 
while teaching kids the important things to do in case there is a real fire.  
It's just like Simon Says!
The kids have to do what the Firefighter Says!

My kids had a blast playing it! 
It was a nice brain break shared by, but it also taught them how to be safe in case of a fire.
The more they practice, the safer and more calm they'll be if there ever is a real fire. :)

I bet your kids would love it too!!

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