Reading Comprehension Passages (digital option included)

Are you currently teaching from home?
This is a whole new ballgame for many of us.
In the hopes of making things a little less stressful (maybe?), 
I am working on updating some of my current resources to be used online!

These reading passages are a great way to practice comprehension skills.
Plus, they are organized by phonics skill.
If you're using the paper version, you can have your kiddos 
highlight the skill for each passage as they read. 

The reason I'm sharing them is because they are now formatted to be used in Google Drive!
You can assign it right in Google Classroom.
I've included instructions for how to assign one or just a few pages at a time.
Your kids just have to type their answers in!

If you already own them, hop over and re-download to grab the update!

I hope this makes distance learning a little bit easier for you!

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