Short Vowels (CVC) for Google Slides™

I'm so excited to share these new Short Vowel Google Slides™ activities with you!
They are perfect for distance learning, homeschooling, or your literacy centers!

Each vowel has 18 slides with a mix of activities that focus on each vowel.
They are a fun and engaging way to practice CVC words!
Here's a look at some of the activities included:

Each vowel has four of these slides.  Your kids will read the words, then click and drag them under the correct picture.

On these five slides, your kids will click and type the word to show what each picture is.

There are five slides where the kids will unscramble the letters to make the words.

Each vowel has two word family sorts.  
The kids simply click and drag the words into the correct column.

In this activity, your kiddos will drag circles to show all the words with the vowel they are working on.  Then they will write three sentences using some of those words.  This activity was always a favorite with my kiddos in my phonics packs, so I'm sure they will be a hit! :)

You can check out the bundle HERE.
Each of the individual vowels is linked there!
I hope you find these helpful!

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