Monday Made It (With Dr. Seuss!) & Giveaway Winner!!

I've never been so excited for Monday!  I have been waiting all week to share this with you!!!  :)  I'm linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for today's Monday Made It!

Here's what I made this week!  

I am so excited about it!!  I think it came out so great! :)  I can't wait to hang it over my classroom library!

It was pretty easy to make but I definitely learned A LOT while making it :)  I'll share my tips with you in case you are feeling motivated to make one too!

These are the things you will need:
  • canvas (I got a two pack at Michaels - they were 9.99, but I used a 40% coupon!)
  • Acrylic paint
  • sponge brushes
  • paint brushes
  • stencils (maybe!)

1.  The hardest part was choosing what colors I wanted to use!  Once you do, apply two coats to the canvas.

(I painted both canvas....I haven't finished the second one yet, but I have another Dr. Seuss quote to use for it :) )

FIRST TIP:  Make sure your wonderful little puppy is no where near your wet paint!  ;)  Even on the table, it may not be safe.  Moo decided to jump up...on the table...into the wet paint....and then tried to jump off and track paint everywhere!  He's lucky he's so stinkin' cute!!!! :)

2.  Once your paint is dry, you can start your letters!  This is where I had a tricky time.  I really, really liked the stencil in this picture.  I started by painting over the stencil, but the paint leaked out and the letters weren't clean or nice looking.  That's when I started tracing them instead....I traced lightly with a pencil. 

I got about halfway through and realized I must have measured wrong because the whole quote was not going to fit (they were two inch letters).  Plus, I missed a word.  LOL!  SO I erased as much of the pencil as I could and repainted the background green.

Then I went back to Michaels and bought smaller, 1 inch stencils.  But when I got home, I decided that I didn't really like them that much.  They didn't have any pretty ones in the one inch size!! So, you can see, this project was not really off to a great start! :)     

But THEN!  My super duper awesome boyfriend (who was at work, responding to my texts about how I messed up this whole project, Moo jumped on it, wrong size stencil, wrote the quote wrong, hahaha) sent me a link to DR. SEUSS FONT!!!!!  Why didn't I think of that?!?!  Good thing I have him :)

These were the three choices.  I used Green Eggs Bold. 

So  I typed up the letters in Word.  I used size 200 font.  I printed it and cut out the letters to make my own stencils.  It took time to do, but it was SO worth it.  I think the font makes the whole thing :)

I traced these letters with pencil and then painted them!!

I did two coats of paint on the letters because I could still see the paint brush marks.  Although this project started out not-so-great, I think it came out pretty good in the end :)  I am working on finishing up the second quote to hang over my other bookshelf!!

Also, my Pirate Math Giveaway ended last night!!  The winner is Michelle Lanning!  Congratulations!!  I will send the pirate games to your email!  Thank you to everyone who entered! :)

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  1. Love the sign you made!! What a great idea to make your own stencils!

    Kelli :)

    First Grade Bling

    1. Thank you Kelli!! It was a lot of work, but worth it! :)

  2. Hahahahaha! I can just picture your adorable pup jumping on the paint. Sounds like something my dog would do. Those pooches better be glad they're cute, huh? I'm sorry you had some...uh...mishaps with your poster, but the finished project is a masterpiece!! I'm definitely feeling inspired to make something similar.

    Teacher at the Wheel

  3. I love that saying! Boy did you work hard. It looks fantastic.
    First Grade Carousel


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