Weekend Warriors: 3-2-1 Teacher Bio!

It's time for another round of Weekend Warriors!
This month we're sharing about ourselves...and we want you to too!!!

Here's all you have to do!
There are blank slides at the end of this post that you can use to link up. :)

Here we go!!!

Now it's your turn!!!
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  1. I can totally relate to getting sidetracked on projects. Things have to be cute, though. Right? ;) I'm a morning person too! I get so much accomplished before the day gets started. I am so excited that you'll be fulfilling that bucket list item next year! I can't wait to meet you in real life!!

    Primarily Speaking

  2. WOW! WE have a TON in common!! And we definitely need to make time in Vegas to grab a coffee or Cocktail! So excited to meet so many blogging friends in one place!

  3. I may or may not have a bin hoarding problem. Ha! But I justify needed them to hold all of my scholastic books. :) I'm with you on the Vegas thing. I MUST get there next year, too. Thanks for sharing!
    Always Kindergarten

  4. I don't think there is anything wrong with beautifully colored baskets! They make me quiet happy actually. :) Scholastic books hold a special place in my heart. You can never have too many! I too could be outside all day every day. This 105 heat gets to me sometimes though!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  5. I love being outside, but living in Phoenix kind of makes it hard, especially during the summer. I didn't go to Vegas last year and regretted it. I almost didn't go this year and I signed up last minute. I hope you get to go next year. :-)

  6. I love all things bins, baskets, and containers too! I'm super excited because they're building a Container Store at our local mall and it will be open this Fall!! I too am addicted to Scholastic, I definitely help them to stay in business as well!! I too hope to get to the TPT conference next year, I'm tired of missing it! :-)
    Thank you so much for sharing about yourself, it was so great getting a chance to read more about you! Have a wonderful week!

    Warmest Wishes,
    Kindergarten Dragons

  7. I have noticed throughout this summer, as I prepare for my first year of teaching, that I do spend a lot of times making things look pretty. I have to catch myself and remember to actually get other, more important things done. But its sooo hard!! haha

    Thanks for crating this linky! I have loved sharing some things about myself, as well as reading about all of the other wonderful teachers that are a part of this community. I love all of the different personalities that prove that teaching can be so versatile and unique.


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