Monday, August 31, 2015

Classroom Tour 2015!

My classroom is ALL ready for the first day tomorrow!
I'm so excited to share it with you!!!!!!!

I'll start from the hallway and walk you around! :)
My theme this year is SUPERHEROES!!!
I'm so super excited about it!
I hope my kiddos love it as much as I do. :)

Here's my bulletin board out in the hall.

Superheroes in Training!
(Sorry about that glare!)

Now let's step inside! ;)

My Superhero of the Week is right inside the door.
This is probably my favorite thing about my room!!!
Every Friday I'm going to choose one or two kiddos to be the Superhero of the Week. 
They'll get to wear a cape AND mask.
Plus, they'll get their picture in one of those frames!

Next to that are my behavior and dismissal charts!

This is where the kids hang their bags.
The baskets are for their lunch boxes.
The top bins are for math games!

Looking at the back of the classroom!

Behind the curtains.....
Supply storage!

First grade is....

I'm IN LOVE with these superhero rules!!!! :)

I'm also in love with my fish tank!
I taped the superheroes to the back.
So now he's SUPER FISHY!!!

Next up is my birthday display!

These shelves have my leveled library on top.
Underneath is my teacher library!!! 
I organized all my books by theme this year!!

This area is for Word Work.  

a superhero, of course!!! :)

The kids' book boxes!
Don't they look so pretty?!?!

These bins are where I keep my games and center activities.
The first set of drawers is by month.
The second is organized by our reading series units.
The clear drawers are where I keep my teacher supplies. :)
Pretend you can't see the mess in the pink drawers ;)
That's where I keep my crafting supplies!

Next up are all my binders!
This is where I keep EVERYTHING!!!!!

My desk. :)
Looking pretty clean!!!
Just wait until school starts, haha!

Here's the view looking at the front of the room.
I still love my blue wall. :) 

This is another one of my favorite areas!
My classroom library and listening center!

Here's a close up of my word wall.
On the left are my kids' sight word books.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!!!!!!
I can't wait for my kiddos to get settled in tomorrow!!!!!


  1. Sarah I love your room! I am a bit jealous for the space you have as I have a small room. I got some organizational ideas from you, like the games in the drawers by month. Question...What did you use for 'hooks' on your word wall and reading bulletin board?
    Best wishes for a great year.
    Pauline- Pauline @ First Grade by the Sea

  2. I adore the blue walls in your classroom. Did you get to paint them yourself? Or were you lucky enough to have them that color? Mine seem to dreary with them being just white...