Jitter Juice!

I'm back to school this week!
Tomorrow we get to meet our new kiddos at Meet & Greet!!!
I'm excited....
and nervous!

I'm sure my little kiddos will be nervous too!
I just had to share these ADORABLE little jitter juice tags with you.
They are seriously the cutest things ever!!!!

My friend Melissa over at Smile for Success made them!
She's new to the blogging world.
You will LOVE her ideas......soooo you should totally go check out her blog. :)

They're just so bright and colorful!

Here's the back.

SO CUTE!!!!!
They're super easy to put together too.
Just print and laminate.
Then I folded them and taped the bottom.
Easy peasy!

I put a little single serve Kool-Aid packet inside. 

They're all ready for my kids tomorrow. :)
I hope it makes them less jittery on the first day!!!!
Thanks for sharing Melissa!
Go grab yours {HERE}!

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