Five for Friday! {October 16}

Happy Friday!!!
October is such a busy month.
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to share about our week!

 Spookley is one of my FAVORITE books!
We made these adorable little Spookleys of our own. :)
She seriously has the cutest crafts ever!

We learned about the life cycle of a sunflower.
Then we got to explore one!
My little scientists!!!
We used magnifying glasses and then counted the seeds. :)

I'm really excited about my newest game!
The kids were too. ;)
Ghosts and haunted houses make doubles +1 WAY more fun!

My friend shared this adorable craft with me!
They came out so cute!
We wrote about our mummies too. :)

Today we decorated pumpkins!!!!!
My friend Alyssa from Soar Into Teaching got them for us.
She's the best. :) 
The kids had SO much fun painting them.

I hope you all had a fabulous week too!

Enjoy your weekend!

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