Friday, October 16, 2015

Five for Friday! {October 16}

Happy Friday!!!
October is such a busy month.
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to share about our week!

 Spookley is one of my FAVORITE books!
We made these adorable little Spookleys of our own. :)
She seriously has the cutest crafts ever!

We learned about the life cycle of a sunflower.
Then we got to explore one!
My little scientists!!!
We used magnifying glasses and then counted the seeds. :)

I'm really excited about my newest game!
The kids were too. ;)
Ghosts and haunted houses make doubles +1 WAY more fun!

My friend shared this adorable craft with me!
They came out so cute!
We wrote about our mummies too. :)

Today we decorated pumpkins!!!!!
My friend Alyssa from Soar Into Teaching got them for us.
She's the best. :) 
The kids had SO much fun painting them.

I hope you all had a fabulous week too!

Don't forget to enter to win Reading Recipes by my super friend Carolyn and Dr. Jean!! :)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. OH those mummies! So precious! And love the sunflower exploration- and Spookleys!
    I am thinking we have the same favorite books! :)
    Happy Weekend!!!

  2. We're doing that Spookley art for sure!!!!

  3. Those spookleys are so cute! You mummy crafts are cute too! Love your pumpkin decorating, this time of year is great for hands on activities like these! Im sure your kiddos have had a great week learning with you :)

    Teaching Autism

  4. You guys had a great week! I love the painted pumpkins.