Paint Chip Frankensteins!

My kids had so much fun making these little Frankensteins. 
Although, they were calling the Crankenstein.
Have you read Crankenstein?!
You should! :)

All you need are paint chips and construction paper!
(Thank you Home Depot for all the paint chips!)

I showed the kids how to make everything, step-by-step.

We started with the black paper.
First we made a zig zag line for the hair.
Then we cut four small rectangles and glued them into two "T" shapes for the bolts.
I showed them how to cut "like a snake" to make a squiggly mouth.
Then those eye brows!!!
They thought it was so funny when I showed them how gluing his eye brows in different places changed his expression. :)

With the white construction paper, we cut two teeth and two eyes.
We make the pupils with markers.

I love how they all come out so different!!!!!!

When we finished, we did the Monster Mash. ;)
We also wrote about them, but I forgot to take pictures of those, oops!
Have a happy week!

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