Cheesecloth Ghosts!!

Last year was the first year I made these ghosts.
My kids LOVED it!
I just had to make them again. :)

They're a little messy, but so much fun!!!

To make them you will need:
*wax paper
*plastic cups
*sandwich size ziplock bags
*Elmers glue

I got cheesecloth at the grocery store.
They also have it at Michaels.
I recommend getting it early because they're often out around Halloween!!
I used 8 sq. yards for 17 ghosts.
It's not expensive either...I think I paid about $6.

You'll want to blow up the balloons and cut the cheesecloth ahead of time!!
Cut enough cheesecloth so that it can be draped over the cup and balloon like in the picture below.

Then you'll mix Elmers glue and water in the ziplock bags.
I used about 1/4 cup glue (maybe a little more) and a small splash of water.
You just need enough glue to coat the cheesecloth.
Zip the bag and mix it up! 

I recommend laying everything out for your kids ahead of time -
maybe while they're at lunch or specialist!
I had a meeting during specialist today, so the kids helped me.
It was a little chaotic. ;)

Lay wax paper on everyone's desk.
Give them each a cup with a balloon in it (the tie pointing into the cup).
Then give them a bag of glue and the cheesecloth.

Now comes the FUN PART!!!!!
This is important: EVERYONE NEEDS A PARTNER!!!
It's really hard to do on your own!

Once everyone's paired up, ONE partner puts their cheesecloth in the glue bag.
Zip it up (also important ;) unless you don't mind glue everywhere, hehe).
Smush the cheesecloth (with the zipper facing the sky at all times!) until it's all covered in glue.

Then carefully pull it out!
It will take two people to pull the cheesecloth apart.
It's really sticky!
So pull it apart and drape it carefully over the balloon and cup.
Arrange the bottom to look ghost-like!

Now the next person goes!
Put cheesecloth in glue bag.
Zip it and mix it with the zipper facing the sky. ;)
Take it out of the bag, pull it apart, and drape it over the balloon.
Arrange bottom to look like a ghost! 

Use googly eyes and black construction paper for a mouth.
You can add the eyes and mouth while the glue is still wet OR hot glue it later.
This year I'm going with hot glue.

Let them dry!
We're leaving ours overnight.

When they're dry, pop the balloon.
I found a paperclip works pretty well for that!
Sometimes the balloon does get slightly stuck inside the ghost, 
but just keep pulling and it'll come out.
(Don't worry about caving your ghost's head in.  It'll pop back out!)

Add your eyes and mouth if you haven't already.

Look how cute they come out!!!!!!

I attached a paperclip through the top and let the kids fly them around. ;) :)
Are you scared?

I know it sounds complicated and like a lot of work.
It's really not bad!!!
Make one yourself first.
You will see! :)

Happy Halloween Week!!!

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