Friday, October 30, 2015

Five for Friday {October 30!}

Happy Friday!
I hope you survived Halloween week!!! :)

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.
I'm not sure I can pick only five things to share! ;)

We made witches!!!
I made a sample with them, showing them how to use simple shapes to make it.
I LOVE projects where the kids can be creative and make unique pictures!

On Tuesday we made cheesecloth ghosts.
When they were finished we flew them around the room.

On Wednesday, we made Witches' Brew!!!!
The kids absolutely loved it!

During lunch, two of us were in the hall and a little boy walked past and said,
"I like your witch costumes, but just so you know, Halloween isn't until Friday."
It was probably the cutest thing ever. :)
That is why I love first grade!

We made Vowel Bats!!!!!
If you haven't listened to Vowel Bat with your kids, YOU HAVE TO!!!
It's the best vowel song EVER!

The kids guessed what I was going to be for Halloween.
Their guesses make me smile. :)

One kiddo got it...
I was a Ninja Turtle!!

Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I loved your five for friday blog post! Looks like you've had such a fun week! Love the witch craft. Your ninja turtle costumes were fab too! Your hocus pocus theme looks like it was so much fun!

    Teaching Autism

  2. I love the vowel bat and your entire post! Is the vowel activity in one of your packs?