Friday, February 26, 2016

Read Across America!

It's coming!!!
Read Across America Week is one of my favorites!
There are so many fun things to do!

We do a themed week at my school.
Each day is something special. 
This year, we have:
Red, Black & White Day
Crazy Sock Day
Wacky Wednesday
Crazy Hair Day
and Pajama Day.

These are a few of my favorite activities. :)

We make ourselves as Things!
The kids even get to add their own faces!
Their Thing number is their class number.

We make One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish fact families!!!

This is one of my TOP favorites!

Then we do some colorful goldfish graphing. 

One Crazy Sock Day, we celebrate our craziness!

On Wacky Wednesday, we do some pretty wacky things.
The kids' favorite is usually working under their desks!

I also turn lots of things upside down that day too. :)

We talk about the places we'll go.

On Crazy Hair Day, we wear our hair like Whos!
 The kids always have some pretty crazy dos!

We also keep track of how many books we read during the week.

On Friday, we make OOBLECK!!!!
So. Much. Fun!

It makes a gigantic huge disaster of a mess, but who cares! ;)

Here's a little Read Across America freebie for you! :)
Happy Reading!!!


  1. What a blast. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My students love the goldfish graphing--so we do it each year too!!

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