Write Your Friends!

Happy Friday!!!
My kiddos are a SUPER huge fan of Scoot and Write the Room.  
It's probably their favorite thing ever.
I thought I would change it up a bit today!

Instead of Write the Room, we played Write Your Friends!
It was HUGE hit! :)

It wasn't anything fancy and it was super easy to get ready!
We made a headband out of a sentence strip.
Then attached a flashcard with a paperclip!

The kids walked around the room writing the answer to their friends' facts.
At first it was a little crazy.
 There were three or four kids in a circle trying to write the answers before the others sped away.
We froze for a minute before things got TOO chaotic. ;)
I asked them to tap the friend they needed and each answer each other's fact before moving. Everything ran smoothly after that!

It was a quick and fun way to practice math facts!

We're going to play again soon!
I had the kids save their headbands in their folders so we can play again.
The paperclips make it easy to change the cards!

I made an editable page for you in case you want to try!
You could do it with addition, subtraction, multiplication....anything!
You could even do different colored math facts to differentiate. 
Just add your kids' names and you're good to go. :)

Enjoy the weekend!

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