St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Are your kiddos super excited about St. Patrick's Day?!
Mine are!
We have our traps all ready to set up tomorrow.
I just love how excited the kids get!

I have a few little freebies to share with you.
I hope they help keep your kiddos engaged and learning, while still having fun this week. :)

This one's a little class book about why you're lucky.
(I think they're lucky to have a teacher like you!!!!)

My kids LOVE this little addition game.
Which leprechaun can make it to the gold first?!

Skip counting is super fun when you do it with shamrocks and leprechauns!

I hope you can use some of them! :)

These are some of my other favorite activities!

We made these little leprechauns today.
Then wrote about how to catch one!
I love how they all come out so different!

You might also like this math game!
The kids have to find the true and false addition facts.

My kids beg to play these leprechaun rolls!
They're great for practicing phonics skills.

Tomorrow we're doing Jennifer's leprechaun directed drawing!!!
I can't wait to see how adorable they come out!

And of COURSE we'll be graphing Lucky Charms!!

I hope you catch a leprechaun! ;)

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